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Company Profile

Streng Avi Technical Equipment Ltd.
is the leading metrology equipment
company in Israel and the sole
representative of leading worldwide
manufacturers of measuring machines,
mechanical and electronic measuring
instruments and optical equipment.
We supply measuring equipment to a
very wide customer base with a particular
focus on metal, plastic, electronics,
rubber, textile, and food production
industries, as well as quality control
companies, R&D laboratories and
calibration laboratories.
The company was founded in 1982 in
the city of Nahariya in the north of Israel.
Very rapid expansion and success in
the Israeli market meant that larger
premises were necessary, and thus in
1986 we moved to Tel Aviv. Further
expansion allowed us to invest in our
own building and consequently in 1995
we relocated to our current site in the
Holon industrial zone.
The company is owned by the Streng
family and the second generation has
now joined the business

Company employees are highly
professional engineers, specializing in
providing measurement solutions
according to customer specifications and
Our engineers are always available to
provide technical support and backup to
our customers, from installation and
commissioning of new equipment to
after-sale service.
The company operates a laboratory and
shop for service, maintenance and repair
of all the machines and instruments in
our field.


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